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I originally posted this in my LJ, but I'll make it an LJ-cut just to spare fucking up the layout of the community.

So, since I don't really update often, I figured I would make it interesting and, when I do post about something not pertaining to my life, I'll make a rant about something totally random. Here we go:

The Phenomenon that is Shitty Rap Music

Coming from a guy who listens to metal, this may not really seem like a shocker, but rap music isn't that hard to produce.

Here's the sequence:

Devise a shitty drum beat using a drum machine
Have someone make some lyrics about "getting ass" or "smoking weed" that aren't very profound at all
Give it to the record company
Play it on the radio
Make millions of dollars on shitty, underproduced fast talking.

Now, I know some of you ou there like the music, and I feel sorry for you. I mean, the lyrics aren't that great and neither is the music.

I also love how 20 new rap artists come out with album every week. It's just the same pre-produced shitty "music" that someone else re-did.

Some of you probably hate metal because it's merely growling. I agree with you to an extent, some of it is. Some of it you can't even understand. But other bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden produce great music.

Iron Maiden has three guitarists. You can't get much more melodic than that. Three guitarists allows a band to be very in-depth which each guitar part in the song. They are able to layer the solos or the rhythm parts and make it sound very smooth.

I can't say this about rap music.

Before, I mentioned about how the lyrics are horrible and not very profound. Here's an example:

C-Murder (an arbitrary choice from a lyrics site):

Song: Ghetto Boy

A million dollars don't mean shit to me
I'm from the streets with a hard hittin slang Ghetto D
Nigga and still makin moves with a sick click
Trick fuck a bitch, I gank with my dick
A young nigga from tha hood, it's all good
When I represent my city, I'm suckin on a bitch titty
And red alazay and 50 blunts rolled up
You wanna hit, then muthafucka hold up
Slow ya roll, get yo bank rolled, ain't it cold
I been slangin', since I was 10 years old
A lil' skinny muthafucka packin guns fuck a toy
Nigga, I'm just a lil' ghetto boy

Wow. Very profound lyrics there. Trick fuck a bitch, I gank with my dick. I don't even know what the word 'gank' means, let alone what this unintelligible song is supposed to represent.

Notice how this song talks about all of the illegal stuff that can be done. Smoking marijuana, shooting people for no reason other than their "bitch was acting up" or some frivolous bullshit like that.

Granted, I've seen some Tupac lyrics, and they are better than these. Those are probably the most profound rap lyrics I've ever read or seen.

However, lets take an example from Killswitch Engage

Song: Self Revolution

I can't comprehend society's movement
the regression of human existence
this is the quest of life
fulfill your destiny
slow down the fast paced world
and you will see past the illusion
breaking the foundation
collapse the control
building a revolution to heal nations
it starts within you
in this search for I & I the truth is always deep inside
(reversal of oneself finding the truth)
this is the quest of life
we must find the strength for a new movement
slow down this fast paced world and you will see the revolution
for a new movement

Now, I think this song is very profound. This song has depth and relates to what many of us feel or want to accomplish. It talks about changing yourself to change society and what's going on in it.

I understand the marketing technique of rap music. It is marketed to people my age who are around many girls. I was never around girls in high school, at least not many. I went to an all-guys high school, so that distraction wasn't there.

It's marketed to guys in their late teens-early 20s. The one's that are aiming for a little action, the ones who have high testosterone, the one's with a huge libido (no pun intended).

I don't fall into this category, however. I don't think sex is that important to who I am as a person. I'm more focused on society's role of my life and how I can change it.

I always find that almost EVERY guy at my school listens to this bullshit. They are all white, upper middle class guys. I was only one of two guys on my floor who listened to metal last year.

I don't understand it...

Metal forever
Rap music NEVAR!!!

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