Miss Twisted (twisted_enigma) wrote in misanthropicish,
Miss Twisted

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Do dodo dododo... do.

Hi, I just joined. I hate all of you so much! I hate everyone... SO MUCH!

No, I'm kidding. I was just trying to fit in. Actually, I don't hate any of you, yet! No, still kidding. You're all cool. Especially programhex for making this community. I'm way to apathetic to even frequently update in an already existing community, let alone give birth and care for my very own community. Yea Ellie! You RULE! :D

That is all for now. I'm a good little community member. GOOD!

P.S. Gay men need to stop hitting on my boyfriend in bars.
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hah omg.. Mr.Chris from blockbuster hy-town always hits on the boyfriends i bring in there (todd, greg, matt.. anyone ive ever dated) lol
It's so annoying and sort of insulting. It's like, "HELLO!! I'm his GIRLfriend! Does that mean anything to you? Anything at all? No?"

I don't hit on gay guys or guys with girlfriends. Rude people. *pshhh*
yea but its funny cuz it was mr.chris.. i dont think a dog would hump him
That's cold! :D
hey, i decided to lurk around this community before joining--and i do believe i will join, if only because Charity commanded it ;)

i just wanted to comment and say that i worked at that Blockbuster for almost a year--and Mr. Chris is the scariest man alive. he would not only hit on boyfriends but on very young girls...

hrrmm...scary man indeed.
when did u work there. i work at TRU... obviously
i worked there from last April until this past January....
Hey, Ellie told me to join! Blame her! ;)

Wow, that is scary. Ewe.
whats scary? im not :(